Why Accion Labs

We are an innovation technology services firm with 100% focus in the emerging technologies .This razor sharp focus on the emerging technologies has allowed us to differentiate from our competitors in many different ways …

For our prospective Clients

  • We are the ONLY global technology firm with 100% focus on emerging technologies for product organizations
  • We specialize in Web 2.0, SaaS, cloud, mobility, BI/DW and big data
  • We cover the entire innovation spectrum through full PDLC services
  • We are unique in our ability to offer a mix of innovation consulting services and the full-lifecycle implementation services
  • We have a global leadership team with strong hands-on experience and belief in outcome, action, life-long learning and work + life balance
  • We do not ‘prescribe’ a particular engagement model. We offer several flexible engagement models such as turn-key projects, extended teams, pro-staffing, co-managed projects , etc.
  • We offer a highly configurable Agile and tools-based software development methodology
  • We have experience in a developing and implementing a range of products – consumer products, enterprise products, infrastructure products, EAI/ESB/BPM products, embedded solutions, SaaS solutions, e-business solutions
  • We understand the needs of tech firms – transparency, control, IP protection, cross-platform support, automation ,etc.
  • We allow our clients to “acquire” our talent through a BOT model
  • Our employees are active contributors to open-source projects, new development philosophies
  • We have high retention, high employee / client satisfaction

For our prospective Employees

  • We have a unique focus – emerging technology projects i.e. Web 2.0, SaaS, cloud, mobility, BI/DW and big data
  • We offer you a great learning environment where you would work on cutting-edge, emerging technologies
  • We allow you to pursue special IP/framework development projects, thought-leadership assignments, etc.
  • We offer a global experience and support “cross-country” relocation between US, Europe, India, Singapore and Malaysia
  • We are venture-funded, profitable and fast-growing – allowing you an opportunity to grow with us!
  • We offer a very competitive pay, performance-based bonus and stock-option plan
  • We invest in training our resources in latests frameworks, tools, processes and best-practices
  • You will work in an employee friendly environment with 100% focus on work-life balance, life-long learning and open communication
  • We believe in efficiency and hence do not believe in over-working our employees into evenings and weekends – typical model @ most IT services firms
  • We believe in a white-box execution model – i.e. we allow our employees to directly interact with clients – improving learning, communication and retention
  • We invest in cross-training our resources across a range of emerging technologies – enabling you to develop more marketable skills