Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud means different things to different people and even sometimes to the same people in different contexts. One common theme that cuts across all these different interpretations of cloud is the idea of “anytime anywhere delivery” of information and applications.

For most large organizations with a diverse mix of applications and platforms, moving to the cloud may require a complete rethinking of the IT environment, organization structures, roles and responsibilities, skills mix, development and support processes and even KPIs, SLAs and measurement metrics.

cloud computing

Accion Labs has helped both corporate IT organizations and product firms leverage the power of public, private and hybrid cloud technologies from leading cloud technology providers such as, Microsoft, Rackspace, EMC, NetApp and Amazon/AWS.

Cloud Computing Capabilities

  • Our cloud services group has over 40+ experts skilled in planning, sizing, deployment, and software development using various cloud platforms
  • Experience of a range of public cloud technologies such as Rackspace,, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS), etc
  • Experience with the full cloud delivery life-cycle from technology evaluation, capacity planning, procurement, installation, configuration, migration and ongoing maintenance/support of the cloud
  • Strong experience of supporting automation of a range of common and repeatable activities such as provisioning, setup/configuration, monitoring and optimization of cloud environments
  • In in-house collection of reusable frameworks to enable deployment of Rackspace,, AWS and Azure applications
  • Experience of migrating applications and infrastructure to a cloud environment:
    • In-house Unix/Linux servers to AWS
    • Microsoft .Net to Micorosft Azure
    • Java to Google App Engine
    • Java or .Net to
  • Experience of cloud-based tools such as BI tools, visualization tools, document management services, API integration, Google docs integration, etc

Cloud Computing Case Stories

Customer: A large retailer
Helped to deploy a private cloud using over 1000+ Linux servers and develop a migration path for over 20 applications. Environment: Linux, Hitachi storage, IBM Websphere, Java

Customer: A leading online media firm
Helped to move from self-managed Java/J2EE environment to AWS Java/J2EE, developed an deployment automation (DevOps) system using Ruby/LAMP. Environment:Java/J2EE, AWS, Linux, Ruby, LAMP, ELB, RDS, EC2, CloudFront, S3, EBS

Customer: A leading manufacturer
Helped develop a number of productivity applications (originally built in Lotus Notes, Java, ASP.Net, etc) using’s development environment. Environment: Apex,, VisualForce

Customer: A leading provider of retail analytics software
Helped a leading provider of retail analytics software product firm migrate their core product from Microsoft .Net to Microsoft Azure environment. Environment: .Net, C#, SQL Server, MS Azure, Appfabric, Azure Storage, Silverlight

Customer: a leading healthcare firm
Migration of a Java/J2EE based Wellness application to Google Cloud suite of apps. Environment: Java/J2EE, Google App Engine, Google Compute, Google Cloud Storage and Google Docs

Cloud Computing Solutions

Advisory services

Our Advisory services include:

  • Cloud Technology Evaluation/Selection
  • Cloud Migration Road-map development
  • Cloud Architecture and Capacity Planning

Execution services

Our execution services include:

  • New Application Development on, Rackspace, Azure, Google App Engine and AWS
  • Migration of existing apps to cloud
  • DevOps automation – configuration, installation, monitoring and management
  • Managed services – remote user support and application
  • monitoring/management