Web Application Development

Consumers and businesses today expect application user interfaces that are rich, interactive and responsive. Recent advances in HTML5, Javascript MVC frameworks, RIA, Responsive Web Design, etc has enabled companies to meet this growing demand for a desktop-like interface.

responsive web design

Accion Labs has delivered a number of solutions that leverage the Web 2.0 or RIA (rich-internet applications) technologies such as HTML5, CSS3/4, advanced OOAD Javascript along with MVC frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS, D3JS etc.

Our solution architects are experts in creating rich UI that works on multiple devices and integrate with SOA back-ends such as RESTful web services to support truly interactive user experience. Our developers are constantly learning and contributing to several open-source RIA frameworks. At the organization level, we have a rich set of Web 2.0 development guidelines, advanced Javascript training programs and an internal library of reusable components.

Web 2.0 Capabilities

  • Our Web 2.0 development team has over 50+ experts skilled in building Rich internet apps using advanced Javascript, HTML5, CSS and various frameworks
  • Accion team has experience of using traditional UI frameworks such as GWT, ExtJS, NodeJS, jQuery, Vaadin, JSF, etc.
  • Accion team has experience with a range of Javascript testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Karma, Should.js, etc
  • We have experience migrating/reengineering applications from traditional UI such as Adobe Flex, JSF, etc to leading-edge client-side + MVC-based frameworks such as AngularJS, EmberJS and KnockoutJS
  • Accion has full-stack developers who understand the development of rich internet front-ends as well as back-end Web services development using Java, Python, Ruby, C#, etc.
  • Accion’s UX team has experience developing UI mockups for RIA applications

    Web 2.0 Case Stories

    Customer: A leading entertainment/media software firm
    Assisted in migrating their payroll and accounting system from Adobe Flex to AngularJS platform
    Environment: BackboneJS, CouchDB, Java/J2EE, Spring/Hibernate, Apache ServiceMix/CXF, AWS, MySQL

    Customer: An innovative startup in the e-business space
    Helped to develop a mass communication platform using BackboneJS and Java
    Environment: BackboneJS, CouchDB, Java/J2EE, Spring/Hibernate, Apache ServiceMix/CXF, AWS, MySQL

    Customer: A leading platform technology firm in the Cloud space
    Helped with migration their Vaadin based data management platform to AngularJS, resulting in significant improvement in usability, user experience and > overall performance of the UI
    Environment: AngularJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, REST, Vaadin, Java, Cassandra, PostgreSQL

    Customer: A leading provider of supply chain and workforce management software firm
    Helped re-engineer their core applications from Microsoft ASP and ASP.Net platforms to Java/Spring and AngularJS UI
    Environment: Java/Spring (Batch, AOP, IOC, Integration, etc), AWS, AngularJS, Mocha, Grunt, SQL Server

    Customer: A leading health-care education firm
    Assisted the development of a range of performance management and tracking apps using Microsoft .Net, AngularJS
    Environment: AngularJS, REST, SQL, Selenium, C#, MongoDB

    Customer: A leading legal software firm
    Assisted the migration of products from a legacy MacOS application platform to Rich AngularJS based UI and Python/REST
    Environment: Python, AngularJS, REST, MySQL, Selenium, Django, Behave (BDD testing tool)

    Web 2.0 Solutions

    Advisory services

    Our Advisory solutions include:

    • UI/RIA Technology Evaluation/Selection
    • UI/RIA Migration Road-map development
    • RIA Test Strategy Development / Tools Selection

    Execution services

    Our execution services include:

    • New Application Development on RIA platforms (AngularJS, EmberJS, KnockoutJS, etc)
    • Migration of existing apps to an RIA platform
    • Performance testing of RIA apps
    • Test automation –integration of a Behavior Driven or Framework driven testing tool
    • UI/UX maintenance and support services