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accion labs announces appointment of new chief operating officer tom collins
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Accion Labs Announces The Appointment Of Dr. Poornima Prasad As Global Chief People Officer For Its Global Operations

Accion Labs ("Accion"), a digital-focused software product engineering company specializing in emerging technologies announced today the appointment of Dr. Poornima Prasad as Global Chief People officer for its global operations.

Reema Poddar

Reema is known as an agent of change in the Digital Business, Product Engineering, and Digital Transformation sectors, having dedicated over 26 years to the software industry. She holds extensive expertise in data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Things (IIoT). She has garnered global experience as an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, board director, and C-level public officer for firms ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.
Additionally, Reema was the Chief Product officer at Teradata Corporation. Prior to that, she spent 14 years in various executive leadership positions at General Electric. She also has several prestigious business and leadership awards to her name.
Reema possesses a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Physics, specialising in nuclear physics and electronics.

<em>Accion</em> <em>Labs</em> <em>Chief</em> Technology <em>Officer</em> (CTO) features in IndiaInfoline article

Accion Labs Chief Technology Officer (CTO) features in IndiaInfoline article

Ashutosh Bijoor - Chief Technology officer at Pittsburgh-based Accion Labs is not your everyday software pro. A compulsive outdoor sports practitioner and a passionate history buff, he shares his journey of over two decades of rock-solid tech experience across verticals including High tech, Engineering, Software, Insurance, Banking.

Amirthalingam Subramanian

Subra is the Director and CEO of the i2s group of companies, with offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, focusing on IBM and other emerging technologies. Prior to that, he held a leadership position at tony Harris Business Solutions.

Subra has more than 36 years of experience in Delivery, Operations and Sales, including 22 years operating from Singapore. He has been instrumental in growing the company from day one and has been recognized by IBM as their premier partner in ASEAN countries and the UAE. i2s has close to 200 team members.

Subra has been responsible for identifying clients and expanding operations in new territories, including Africa.

Accion Labs is happy to welcome Reema Poddar to our Board of Directors

Accion Labs ("Accion"), a digital-focused software product engineering company specializing in emerging technologies announced today the appointment of Reema Poddar to its Board of Directors.

Veracode Opens New Office in Prague with Accion Labs

PRAGUE, March 21, 2023 - Veracode, a leading global provider of intelligent software security solutions, today announced the official opening of its new engineering facility in Prague, Czech Republic. The center has been built in partnership with Accion Labs, a global provider of end-to-end software product engineering services, and will leverage expanded international support to deliver Veracode’s market-leading software security solutions.

Ujwal Yelmareddy

Ujwal has spent a lot of years in the banking industry as a software technologist employee. “I have stumbled upon the Accion Labs leadership team in one of my meetings and made a transition as a Technology Consultant which opened up a completely new perspective of my career with opportunities to meet and work on solutions with very smart people.”

<em>Accion</em> <em>Labs</em> <em>Announces</em> Expansion <em>Of</em> <em>Of</em>fice Space In Bangalore <em>To</em> Support Growth

Accion Labs Announces Expansion Of Office Space In Bangalore To Support Growth

to accommodate the explosive growth of Accion Labs team in our Bangalore center, we have acquired space on another floor in the same building. Congratulations to the Bangalore team for setting up the new place in record time!

Jaywant Deshpande

Jaywant has 25+ years of IT experience. In his present role, he primarily manages e-Zest Delivery Operations & Innovations.

After having started his career with National Stock Exchange, India, Jaywant then moved into IT consulting after joining Wipro Technologies. A visionary with a distinct clarity of mind, he decided to gather much experience as he chose to work in the UK for 10 years as an Architect and a Design Authority for various organizations such as Friends Provident, Legal and General, Barclaycard, and National Grid.

Jaywant, as Chief Operating officer of e-Zest, drives and oversees the continuous renewal of key innovations, processes, and systems across the company in client relationship management, delivery excellence, quality, talent management, and leadership development.

Jaywant has an outstanding track record in leading, developing, and delivering large and strategic IT outsourcing services across application and infrastructure. He has demonstrated strong leadership in driving transformational initiatives across multiple industries and establishing successful businesses where he had end-to-end accountability.

Zealous about technology and harnessing it for competitive advantage and enterprise, Jaywant with a distinctive technical bent of mind has a keen interest in software design and enterprise architecture.

Apart from his busy schedule, he loves to play Chess and Tennis.

<em>Accion</em> <em>Labs</em> celebrates <em>new</em> <em>office</em> location

Accion Labs celebrates new office location

In an era when cutbacks are more common, Accion Labs has grown to a point where change became necessary. The technology firm cut the ribbon recently for its new headquarters in Collier township after relocating from cozier space on Boyce Road in Upper St. Clair.

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