How we engineered the success of a wearable device for the brain

A radical, out-of-the-box mood-altering wearable for stress relief?

This healthcare startup vision was to help people control their stress without taking medication or pills. Conceptualized by a dynamic team of scientists from MIT,  Harvard and Stanford, the wearable device would be designed to send low intensity `neuro-signals' to the brain which helped users go from anxious to calm state of mind in minutes. And all this should be done using a mobile app.


The idea was great (and scientifically sound), but to get the product to market the team had to figure out how to make it work for users. Customers always choose a product that is user-friendly, aesthetically impressive and modern. That’s when the team connected with AccionLabs.

Next generation wearables aim to go beyond tracking. This device pairs with a user’s phone, allowing the control of electromagnetic waves designed to calm your brain. A diverse mix of experts in `neuro-technology', wearable tech and software architecture combined to make a big splash in the healthcare devices market.

The Accion Engagement Model was put into action. Accion learned about the product in a handful of deep dive sessions, understanding that the UI had to be designed as a DIY experience with a best-suited technology stack.


The engagement brief was to conceptualize, design and build a digital experience interface for the wearable device. The interface was to sync with all the data and information gathered by the sensors, and display it as a mood for users. Basically, the goal was to make all the invisible signals in the brain reflect the state of mind as a visual experience for the users.

Accion was required to provide the right technology platform in areas of firmware, mobile iOS & Web app platform. This involved a schema design with MongoDB, an app-based ‘vibe’ selection and vibe intensity control settings, as well as a complex algorithm to squeeze data from MongoDB to a tiny device and backend communication via iOS through REST APIs.

Our engagement model consisted of following key elements:

Discovery Workshops & Experience Strategy: A deep dive with the customer on product concept, existing technology architecture, and user profiles for requirements and strategy.

Results-driven Design Methodology: Convert strategy into a design with use cases, task flows, user journeys, information architecture, interaction design, low fidelity wireframes, etc.

Visual Design & UI Engineering: Using emerging technologies and automation to develop a secure, scalable, customized and adaptive user interface that syncs with your business needs.



Based on Accion’s experience with more than 200 technology clients, the firm has developed a set of cutting edge frameworks, best practices and blueprints for envisioning and planning a product development. Accion’s frameworks not only help a startup to release their product faster, but also help plan for future scalability and adaptability.

Our team of engineers with firmware experience, UI/UX architects and designers came onboard to understand the requirements from the perspective of different user personas and define user journeys that appropriately addressed the goals of the product.

Workshops & Research: This involved onsite workshop with product owners to understand the concept, target audience and core technology capabilities. The partner team conducted market research and competitive analysis, user interviews, and usability analysis with focus groups.

Product Features & Requirements: Information architecture was developed jointly between product owners, Accion and partners. Epic level stories were defined along with MVP scope and user scenarios, with flows created by the partner team.

Product User Interface Styling: Provided layout templates, mock designs, static prototypes, style guide and testing for the user flows using rapid wireframes.


Technology Stack

Apache CXF, Java/J2EE, Maven Spring, MongoDB, Amazon EC2, S3, EBS, JUnit, JMeter, Maven, TomCat


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