Loyalty rewards platform for retail

By partnering with Accion, this client built an innovative cloud-based technology platform to support their rewards program. The end result was the ability to help retail customers save time and money while earning exclusive offers, arming retailers with capabilities to connect and engage with their customers with the right offers at the right time.

Client is a consumer marketing and loyalty services company. Their Loyalty management product connects business to customers at an individualized level. By using services provided by this client, brands gain customer retention through the loyalty program marketing offers system.

The company wanted to take the customer interface to the next level of digital experience and product performance. The goal was to build a mobile version of the platform, implement data integration for reporting and analytics purposes, and build a PoS application to process offline and real-time data from POS terminals.

This client approached Accion to create a consumer portal that is compatible with iOS, OCF (Offer Creation Facility), RMA (Rule Management Application), Talend BI analytics, and a user interface with the merchant portal.

Accion stepped forward with the UI/UX design and development, with successful integration with the FICO rule engine (which is used to build a business rule-based loyalty engine). The engine supports the creation and management of custom definable consumer loyalty programs. Software that Accion built for this client encapsulates the rules management and execution seamlessly.


Product Strategy Workshop

The project began by creating the user and merchants portal, with a new concept, design and development.  Accion started with deep dive sessions that explored the business requirement in detail. A team consisting of client’s product owners, Accion product architect, UX partner’s consultant, Accion senior UI designer and Business Analyst was assembled. This was followed by a two-week workshop with deliverables of user personas and scenarios, wireframes and workflows, style guide and layouts.


SYSTEM Architecture and UI/UX DESIGN


Solution Delivered

The solution delivered a business portal with functionality for offer management and rules management, as well as dashboards for spend analytics. Other delivered features include:

  • User portal with sections providing snapshots of rewards, history and points accrued.
  • Single sign on functionality using social media accounts.
  • Email portal to send customized emails to registered users for events and offers.
  • PoS system to fetch, stage and process database files into OLTP tables for offline transactions.
  • Data integration in real time.
  • Database maintenance for analytics and reporting related to sales, campaigns, and member information.

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