Engaging consumers through play-and-win online games

A well-established online gaming company wanted to increase user engagement across their different gaming platforms. The company builds numerous online games for manufacturers and retailers for different social media platforms that help increase awareness and engagement for various brands. When the company partnered with Accion, it was initially for augmenting talent to build new online games quickly.  However, Accion was able to add further value to company's effort to increase engagement by building a framework that collected actionable insights on what consumers think and feel about the various products.

The entire solution required a focused approach as the challenges posed were manifold. On one hand, Accion had to design a Play and Win hybrid app that would engage consumers on social media platforms, while also being fast and entertaining. On the other, these apps had to collect inputs/feedback from consumers in order to identify improvements in these Play and Win applications.

The solution was built using the Agile methodology of development and it was delivered as the hybrid app using the jQuery mobile framework. The customer was highly satisfied with our service offerings and the end result.


By partnering with Accionlabs, the company was able to builds numerous online games for their manufacturing and retail customers on different social media platforms, and was also able to gather actionable insights on what consumers think and feel about their products.

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