AWS cloud migration with PHI compliance for a large healthcare enterprise

After facing an infrastructure sprawl, the single largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the United States wanted to consolidate their data centers to improve scalability and reduce overall costs. Convinced with the cost and agility advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform they decided to migrate their application infrastructure as the next steps in the IT strategy. And now, they were looking for a robust technology partner to ensure seamless migration within stipulated time frame without hampering quality and productivity.


End-to-end migration from development, QA, staging to production

The usual choice of AWS comes to many healthcare companies because of the ease with which it helps them manage the huge volume of payer information and also in meeting the required compliance obligations.

The customer had a strong network of payers and providers built over a period of 30 years. Their platform connects virtually all private and government payers, claim-submitting providers and pharmacies in a hybrid cloud-based, and secure infrastructure environment. They now wanted to migrate all environments including development, QA, staging & production from their existing on-premise data centers to AWS cloud platform. They also wanted to ensure applications are Protected Health Information (PHI) compliant while enabling encryption of communications and data during storage & transmission. AWS platform has emerged as one of the secure platforms to store and process PHI data.

What should be our next steps asked the healthcare provider? How should we have it all chalked out for a get-set-go execution? Accion thus began the engagement to first explore the priorities of migration outlined. Why is the company migrating or planning a migration to cloud? Is it expecting management of larger volumes of data or is it because the company wants to offer new solutions and services. These answers provided clear objectives for the migration.

The next set of questions were aimed at getting the current technology environment map for the existing applications. This provided the depth and scale of legacy systems, third party tools etc that we had to migrate.

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Accion held stakeholder discussions and deep dive sessions to build a solution that re-engineers & provides automation solutions for legacy applications coded in Windows scripts. The Agile development process was developed with 2-week sprints and 1 SCRUM team. This was followed by the constitution of a fully cross-functional Dev Ops team consistting of an onsite Project Manager, an onsite Lead Cloud Architect and offshore Dev Ops Engineers.

Accion also designed the roadmap for migration including Application Analysis, Cloud Architecture Design, Infrastructure Automation, Application Deployment, and Performance Testing. Assessment of AWS Sizing and Data migration efforts was also done. Recommendation of Data Transfer mechanism using Tsunami  (OSS) for high-speed data transfer was done and continuous delivery pipelines for applications from development into production environment were developed.

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