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Notification Engines and User Engagement

Pooja Salot-Sr. Software Developer

Notifications are highly important when it comes to user engagement and interaction. Imagine if you can send and track all different types of notifications like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, Push, Web Push from one single system that is highly scalable and flexible for delivering messages how easy it would be to notify your customers or associates about every significant event where customers can choose what channel and what types of notifications they want to receive.

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Blockchain Leading towards development of Web 3.0

Shahid Shaikh-Technology Architect

The invention of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology creates the foundations for the next generation of software applications. The applications which run on peer to peer network models with existing network and routing protocols. The applications where centralized Servers would be obsolete and data will be controlled by the entity whom it belongs, i.e., the users.

The decentralized nature of data distribution and effective peer to peer sharing of Blockchain inspires the development of a World Wide Web the way Sir Tim Berners Lee imagined. The internet controlled by people, not centralized entities such as Government or regulators.

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