Lee Groff

President/Accion Labs Canada, Inc.



With over 25 years of experience in running both public companies Canadian Divisions and Private Companies in the IT Staffing and Outsourcing business. Lee brings a wealth of knowledge in operation process’s and streamlining IT Service Delivery. He has hired IT talent from most countries around the world including but not limited to Canada , USA, Mexico, India, UK, Europe and Australia.  Lee is a hands on Leader that empowers his teams to succeed in a working environment that encourages creativity and innovation.  All companies he has worked for such as iGATE Canada, APAR Infotech, NESS Technologies have grown exponentially under his leadership.  He believes in the power of networking and that all business relationships need to be a WIN-WIN in order for those partnership to flourish.  Accion Labs is in good hands and is ready to service the Canadian IT community.