Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) takes version control to the next level by triggering integration, testing, and deployment of new commits automatically. Soon it will be a mandate for every company to have some form of CI/CD pipeline in place. It will become an industry-standard practice for faster deployments and agile workflows. Not every CI/CD pipeline is similar, some companies want new features to reach users as quickly as possible, so they prioritize speed in CI/CD pipeline. While for others deployment timeframes are sensitive and need to be controlled for business reasons. In this case, continuous delivery takes care of automating the technical aspects of deployment.

As CI/CD becomes more commonplace, teams under this focus area will help companies explore opportunities for endpoint monitoring, backups to off-site storage, rotating and retiring old backups, and more.

Under CI/CD


Journey of Fast Data Processing

Demo: Trucendent - Cloud-based Wealth Management Platform Engineering

Demo: Voythos - Voice-powered Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Automation Platform

Demo: Service Platform Deep Dive

Demo: AFS Vision - Credit Risk Navigator - Business Intelligence for Global Banks

Demo: Snapsource - Lighting Retrofit Application on the Cloud

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