Accion Story

Back in early 2000s, soon after the Internet bubble burst, our founding team started re-imagining the supply chain of software innovation.

In the first wave of e-innovation, technology firms were being built in a very long “waterfall” type model where engineering start-ups would begin by raising a large chunk of money and then proceed to a number of long sequential tasks such as hiring of a large R&D team, definition of product requirements, definition of the development and production architectures and then finally the engineering and deployment of the product. This process took long, was error prone and was hard to control. A number of product firms failed to deliver value to the investors because of these challenges.

We envisioned a better way of building commercial products where the ‘innovators’ would use the ‘building blocks’ of software and focus on assembling solutions versus building everything from scratch. After-all, most hardware centric companies were operating in that manner, so why not software. With this insight, Accion Labs was born. We envisioned that to assemble quality solutions using software building blocks, a unique skill set was needed and by subscribing to these skills from Accion Labs, software companies could rapidly build their product without having to deal with the “logistics” of setting up facility/teams, hiring teams of software engineers through hundreds of interviews, trying out different product architectures, etc. In this new model, not only software companies were able to deliver the products early and avoid making early stage fixed-cost commitments, but they could also leverage the diverse expertise of a partner such as Accion who had experience in building numerous software products.

Over the years, Accion Labs refined the same model for Enterprise customers also and expanded its engagement models from professional staffing to projects into extended delivery teams. Today, Accion Labs offers a range of pricing models, partnership structures and reusable components/tools and has made hundreds of engineering teams very successful with its unique set of skills in technology.

Our History

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Accion Labs was founded in 2011 by Kinesh Doshi, Tony Kernan and Sandesh Sukumaran.  The trio saw a gap in the technology marketplace and developed a strong focus on the leading and emerging technologies. Accion has been listed as one of Pittsburgh's Fastest Growing Companies by the Pittsburgh Business Times for four consecutive years, the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for two consecutive years, a finalist for the Pittsburgh Technology Council Tech 50 for two consecutive years, and CEO, Kinesh Doshi, was an EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Here is a brief overview of our timeline: