Architecture and Technology Platforms

The design of architecture and choice of technologies that are used to build products has a large impact on the scalability, flexibility and speed to market. Often, speed to market drives the design of architecture and technology choices used to build products, with compromises in scalability and flexibility, leading to technical debt that tends to pile up in exponential layers as the product goes live.

The Architecture and Technology Platforms CoE focuses on research into architectural best practices and emerging technologies, to guide and support product engineering teams to make the right choices of architectural design and technology platforms for products that are "Built For Change and Scale"

The CoE provides:

  • Architecture and Solution Blueprints
  • Reference Architecture Implementations
  • Technology Comparison Matrices
  • Reusable Components and Frameworks

The Breeze Architecture Blueprint and the Platform Components are contributed to by the Architecture and Technology Platforms CoE.

Focus Areas


Serverless Architecture

Accion Breeze


Blockchain and Decentralized Application

Code Automation



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