Data Analytics and Insights

Data is the lifeblood of all digital applications. However, data architecture designs, data technologies and tools, and data engineering best practices are evolving rapidly with the exponential increase in volume, velocity, and variety of data generated across all spheres of human endeavor.

The Data Analytics and Insights CoE provides solutions that help optimize data investments to help generate value that has a direct impact on organizational throughput.

The CoE has a dedicated team of engineers and consultants who work on all aspects of data engineering including technology research, data cataloging, data science, data ingestion, data refinement, semantic data models, analytics, data visualization, predictive and prescriptive analytics and AI/ML. The CoE provides:

  • Data Audit and Cataloging
  • Data Architecture and Solution Blueprints
  • Data Engineering Reusable Components
  • Reference Data Architecture Implementations

COE Leads


Dwaip Chowdhury (DC)

Chief Architect

Focus Areas


Data Science

Data Visualization

Data Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Big Data

Cloud Data Warehouse



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Podcast: Personalizing your web applications using Accion Labs Alizeh AI/ML framework

Podcast: Perform Anomaly detection in real-time Streaming analytics

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