DevOps and Automation

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) has undergone a drastic transformation. Traditional waterfall development required integration and deployment at pre-determined release schedules, that allowed a manually governed integration and deployment process. The overall cycle time was also large, typically in months. Digital products developed today need to respond to changing user needs rapidly, and the development to deployment cycle can be as short as days or even hours. On the other hand, most digital products are developed in the form of micro services, that involve many more tasks for integration and deployment. It is near impossible to manage such a complex and demanding process manually.

The DevOps CoE strives to continuously improve the level of automation in the integration and deployment process while maintaining the required level of governance, security and scalability of digital products.

The DevOps CoE provides support for:

  • CI/CD Strategy
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Automation Opportunities and Requirements
  • Automation Strategy and Planning
  • Automation Implementation

Focus Areas


Monitoring Platforms

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Containers & Service Mesh

Infrastructure as Code

Automation Tools

Kubernetes Consulting

Docker DevOps Services

Cloud Infrastructure Setup & Migration

CI/CD Setup & Implementation

Infrastructure Automation Consulting



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