On-Demand Webinar: De-Risking The Journey To A Platform

Ashutosh Bijoor



Yet another exclusive webinar by Accion Labs was held on June 24, Wednesday on the topic, "De-Risking The Journey To A Digital Platform". In this webinar, we had Ryan Clark, CTO at Company.com, and the member of Accion Labs Advisory Board as one of our esteemed panelists. We had the privilege to conduct an interview session with Ryan by the CTO of Accion Labs, Ashutosh Bijoor. Together with Ash and Ryan, we facilitated a few interesting questions and comments coming in from the audience.

Ash asked specific questions like why platform models are core to businesses in this digital age. And how businesses need to leverage digital strategy, design thinking, and platform thinking to reach long term goals while delivering real value.

The webinar covered below key points:

  • The burning case for change
  • Core components to a successful platform strategy
  • Key focus areas for risk reduction
  • Practical Application of digital platform

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