On Demand Webinar: Can You Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Mikunj Joshi,
Hemant Rathore



On 6th May, Accion Labs hosted its first and foremost healthcare focused webinar on the topic, "Can You Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnostic Imaging". The webinar was presented by Mikunj Joshi, Director of Healthcare/IoT Center of Excellence and Hemant Rathore, Lead Data Scientist at Accion Labs.

The webinar primarily focused on how to leverage best practices and IT accelerators to:

  • Mitigate cost, as it remains the most significant barrier to AI adoption.
  • Help create organization direction for the adoption of AI
  • Build the necessary IT infrastructure

Our speaker Mikunj Joshi conducted an interactive Q&A with the audience designed to exchange thoughts and ideas.

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