Accion Annual Innovation Summit 2024

Kuala Lumpur | March 7-9

You are invited to the 2024 Global Innovation Summit in Kuala Lumpur A three-day event full of technology, innovation, and fun!

We look forward to hosting you in Kuala Lumpur for our 10th annual Innovation Summit. The summit will start in the evening on Thursday, March 7th followed by full-day sessions on Friday, March 8th, and Saturday, March 9th.

Planned in the most glitzy, innovative, and futuristic city, this event is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices covering innovation, software development, and building high-performing organizations. Our presenters include our tech leaders and architects, leaders from our client organizations, our partner/portfolio firms, investors, and industry experts.

In case of any questions, please write to us at :



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