How is Microfocus RPA reaching new heights of power, productivity and performance

Pranav Mehta

Enterprises spend way too much time on tasks that are predictable, repetitive and prone to human errors. Not surprising then, forward thinking enterprises are looking at Robotic Process Automation or RPA as a means to replace human effort with the help of a software BOTs. When deployed effectively, it offers a world of benefits and is quite the game changer enterprises are looking for. If you are not sure RPA is for you, you must look at the capabilities offered by Micro Focus RPA.

Let’s dive deeper into this new offering from Micro Focus.


As per a recent study from Bloomberg, 65% of businesses felt the need of undergoing radical innovation in the next couple of years in order to maintain their status and success. Today, technological innovation is the key to sail through challenging economic times and re-invent existing operations to get the best outcome at a relatively lower price. This is where RPA comes into play since it gives businesses an edge in terms of productivity as well as operational efficiency.

All along, enterprises have also felt the need for reducing business costs and unleashing a new wave of innovation and creativity. RPA enables businesses to employ the skills of their workforce more constructively elsewhere. Especially in an era where most services are available round the clock, automated responses and connectivity irrespective of time and geographical barriers make perfect sense.

Here’s what you can expect

What businesses get is unmatched power to build, secure and scale automated business processes from legacy to modern while having a strong hold on organizational goals.

Explains Tom Goguen, Micro Focus Chief Product Officer, “It adapts to UI changes, automates UI and API-based applications, and includes real-time auditing and traceability, giving our customers the confidence to deploy RPA across the enterprise while providing for centralized governance and compliance for their digital workforce.” A lower TCO is yet another payoff of this extraordinary offering.

Easy-to-use design studio – You can now design highly sophisticated end-to-end RPA workflows, visually or by using code, by means of an intuitive design interface. It allows you to record screen actions too giving you more power to process and analyze unstructured data.

Cross-platform connections – Its ability to connect UI automation with API and other integration methods helps bridge the gap between old and new applications ensuring seamless connection between business processes.

High scalability – A worker-queue-based architecture allows you to run as many robots as you want and scale them as per changing workloads.

Centralized security – Unique IDs are assigned to robots along with encrypted role-oriented credentials and a centralized dashboard helps you manage the robots efficiently.

Extremely resilient – Empowered by advanced object recognition technology, robots can detect UI changes immediately and accordingly adapt as required thereby saving valuable time often required for maintenance.

To conclude

Micro Focus RPA has opened up exciting opportunities for its loyal customer base who is looking to extend on its existing Micro Focus footprint.With greater productivity, sophisticated automation and radical shift in dynamics, businesses must welcome this new workforce which consists of BOTs who are programmed to assist humans.

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